If you haven’t been to Mama Africa, you havent been to Cape Town

Mama was established in 1995 as a celebration of South Africa's new democracy and of the vibrant diversity and hospitality of our continent.Since her opening Mama has served as an oasis for tourists and locals alike to meet, eat, drink and interact in a warm welcoming environment. Our kitchen offers hearty meals, our bar a friendly meeting spot and our band offers local sound which is sure to generate a true feeling of well being and joy.

Mama biggest joy is to have her guests leaving with a full tummy and a happy heart, so come to Mama as a stranger, leave as family. MAMA AFRICA is a great old soul who demands little. Her hospitality has become as legendary as the great memories spent in her company.

Viby African Music & Food Experience

Mama Africa Cape Town enjoys the distinction as a Long Street institution. It is the most unique experience you will have during your visit in Africa. Nowhere else exists where you can be Africa. You can view awesome African sunsets from the top of Table Mountain. But, if you want to immerse yourself in African history and culture, you must visit Mama Africa restaurant and be Africa.

Leave your black tie behind and dress down in your favorite shabby chic outfit. Mama is happy when her guests dress comfy casual. Get your psyche prepared for a lively, loud evening! Get ready to partake of awesome eye-candy and genuine African cuisine. The interior of Mama’s is funky-authentic. You’ll be fascinated with the chandelier fashioned from 500 Coca Cola bottles. > VIEW OUR MENU

Mama Africa is a place that gives soul-deep happiness only an African mother can give

You will be pleased with the charming, friendly and attentive staff. From Amos, the host who greets you to the gregarious servers and energetic band members, you’ll get that welcome feeling. Live music – marimba, jazz, African soul, drumming - is featured on most nights. The music is so infectious it’s hard to resist the urge to get up and dance.

Let’s look at starters, which by-the-way are humongous. Try a starter platter with Kudu Biltong or dried, cured and smoked shaved meats; Game Kebab or crocodile; Homemade Veggie Samoosas or pastries similar to a spring roll; Homemade raisin bread and chicken curry.

Provided you are able to eat a main, Zimbabwean Dovi or chicken in peanut sauce; lamb curry and Game Potjie or rich, chewy stew are popular choices. The more adventurous foodie’s eye naturally gravitates to Mama’s Game Grill, which is: ostrich, crocodile, springbok, kudu and venison sausage. You totally must sample the vetkoek and sweetcorn bread! 

Current beats

Mama Africa offers a vibrant and authentic African experience that is made all the more magical through music. At 8 each evening a live Marimba band takes to the stage and rocks the restaurant with a variety of musical styling til late in the night.

There are three resident bands, each performing two nights a week. The core of each band are the marimbas, large wooden percussion instruments that resemble xylophones. Originally from Zimbabwe, the distinctive sounds of the marimba are now recognisable across the African music landscape. Each band has incorporated their own special ingredient to the mix, ranging from a brass section to an operatic tenor. No matter which night you choose to attend, you are guaranteed a unique and memorably entertaining outing.

Resident artist & Mama's art gallery

We have an independent supplier of curio’s and authentic African art. Isaac opens his store in the evenings and always has a welcoming  smile and is extremely knowledgeable about the items he stocks. He  sources his art from up and coming local artist’s within Africa.

He also has a store during the day at the Pan African market further  down long street, and should you have an eye on a piece of work and  need time to think about the purchase, you can always find him at his store and we will only be too willing to come up to Mama Africa.

The shop opens after 8pm From Monday to Saturday. It’s the perfect place to get a little personal memento or a gift for a friend.

Chef's secret recipe revealed

Mama prides herself in her beautiful recipes.  If you'd try to prepare one recipe, Mama has decided to treat you with one.

Check the menu page for the free recipe from Mama Africa.